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Hramar offers a wide range of formwork panels of its own production and of other well-established brands. They respond to various loads when pouring concrete and retain their shape until the concrete hardens.

When choosing, it is important to consider the type of concrete and the temperature of pouring, as they have an effect on the pressure exerted.
Consider your choice according to the weight of the boards and the loads that the formwork will have to withstand, as well as the formwork elements you will use. Type of use: single or multiple use.

Metal formwork sheets are established and preferred due to their long service life and repeated use. Although they are more expensive, they allow multiple uses.

Strong, durable, waterproof with a long life
They are easy to install and remove, creating a smooth finish.

Plywood is often used in conjunction with lumber. Available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Plywood formwork has similar properties to wood formwork, including strength, durability and lightness.

Plastic formwork is light and can be cleaned with water, while being suitable for large areas and repeated use.