Formwork panels (6)

Wall formwork (27)

Column formwork (15)

Slab formwork (14)

Unique formwork (2)

Formwork type “Universal” is the most widespread and well-known in Bulgaria formwork system, it is suitable for formwork of foundations, columns, walls with straight or curved contour, individual beams and slabs. In addition to residential construction, Universal formwork is also used successfully in industrial, hydraulic and transport construction. The main elements of this formwork system are formwork steel sheets of different sizes (from 2500 x 500 mm to 500 x 100 mm). The weight of the formwork panels allows you to work by hand, which is one of the biggest advantages of formwork. One set of “Universal” formwork includes internal and external corner panels, as well as various types of compensators, which allows the formwork of any elements in the most accurate compliance with the design dimensions of the structure. Stabilizers are provided for precise verticalization of the formwork, as well as a console for the work site for safe concreting of the formwork element. The formwork sheets are connected by means of pins and wedges. Opposite sheets are connected with steel strips (connecting plates), which remain in the concrete, or with studs Ф 17, which pass through spacers specially made of PVC pipes.